Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Powerful Mind

At last this idea will be posted on this blog! Actually all about “the powerful mind” is just my hobby to share and inspire people. Day by day due to my busy schedule, I am having the hard time updating this site. Mostly I just post Facebook quotes as my inspiration during browsing the most well known and must visited site in the planet. I would say that Mark Zuckerberg has the powerful mind upon creating the mentioned site. Why? Because people are addicted on what is happening around us – the environment we evolve. Actually in my personal experience it (FB) relieves some stress and pressures during my five years working in a bank as an IT Head.

And this article has been pushed me to write during our short talk and meeting with Attorney Marasigan and our cousin Honorable Judge Eleuterio Bathan last night in Kamameshi Japanese Restaurant in Quezon City. Atty. Marasigan inspired me that, “Though you have brave heart to do what you want but still sharpness of mind is the most powerful weapon”. This made my mind blinks and thinks of my idol, Jose Rizal.

What makes our mind powerful?

 When I was a kid, my mother scolded me saying, “Puro ka pangarap, tingnan natin kung me mararating  ka! (“You have lots of dream…let us see if you can reach those dreams”). Fair enough for a poor individual to dream; Dream of reaching something different on our mountain life way back 80s.

Yes I admitted that I was raised in the mountain area of Puerto Galera. This is where my childhood begins and evolves; this is the time where the highest dream has been developed in the highest mountain range. And that is the time I want to be seen in Television to experience the lights and cameras, write some articles or books, have my own company, create inspirations with other people and help two to five children not connected with our clan.

I could say that I am always a victim of discrimination during elementary and high school life. I have the knowledge on the subjects but I am a timid and shy person that time. The tendency is I don’t have extra-curricular activities and I am not well known to some teachers. But I got the best grades. I may not be the valedictorian or salutatorian but I have my dreams and powerful mind to create and pave the hard part of my life to success.

During college life, my common food to eat are fried eggplant, pancit canton, fried egg and dried fish which entail me to save some money because I don’t have the luxury of life to pay for my tuition and eat foods in a food chain or any restaurant outside my very narrow bed space room. Though it’s quite sad to think those times but I have my determination to finish my college degree and land for the best job to uplift our family and myself from poverty in short SUCCESS. Thanks to all my sponsors and benefactors that time  - Locsin Foundation (LVL-CYL Foundation), Koinonia Growth Foundation, Kabayan Assistance and the person I owe a lot without any condition of helping me Maria Corazon Tolentino Wood (Ate Cora).

Ate Cora made my final year in college life memorable; she made me stronger to face the consequences of life. The most unforgettable line she told to me is, “You cannot be the richest man in the world Edward, but in a simplest way you can help others”. That made my spirit more high and admire her most on how she treasure the golden heart she had up to this time.

I got 1.98 average that time in College but I didn’t apply for the award because I am focusing on our thesis which made our group got the highest grade (1.75) among the graduates of (Management Information System) MIS. Not bad because I aim that grade during our defense and we got it. I may not be the Outstanding MIS graduate but what made me feel great is our team reached that goal.

After graduation, this unfortunate guy tried his luck to find the best job in the Philippines. But a lot of failure comes along his way of applying. The main reason is my self-esteem is very low that time. So afer almost two months I’ve landed in a job I didn’t applied for. It’s just happened that I failed the encoder job which elevates me to be a keen and detailed Quality Assurance Personnel in SPI Content Sciences in Laguna. Not bad because it’s a blessing for me working with Engineers and Cum Laude of other schools who scrutinized on the codes and contents of the desktop and web applications. Then after that, I became a Marketing Specialist, Loan Technical Officer, and Foreign Exchange Cashier up to IT Staff. Thanks to Mr. Mar Ian Novencido for the discovery he made to be part of his excellent IT team in Tourist Center Corporation.

The most challenging and enjoying job I worked was in Microfinance Maximum Savings Bank, Inc. (A Microfinance Oriented Thrift Bank) commonly known as MAXBANK. Being an IT Staff there, I became IT Administrator, IT Supervisor, IT Assistant Manager and IT Head until my resignation last February 2012. I would say that this job is the hardest and most enjoying job I experienced. WHY? Because I made this far proving to them that a timid guy like me can be a more confident individual who fight for what is right and do the job well with my dedication and good relations with some Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Executives. Those where times that I just enjoy our day to day work and operations of the bank! That made me shocked and flattered from all my colleagues, staff and other officers of the bank during my last day with their surprise party. I didn’t expect that I made this far. All I know is I just enjoy what I am doing and do the best thing every day. I really love Information Technology, Accountancy and Banking. This is the job I am dreaming ever!

But what made me resigned?

This is because I need to pursue my goals in life outside the box. And luckily I made another accomplishment during my Singapore adventure.

After my Philippine travel adventure (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao), I set on my mind to go to Asian which made me land to Singapore. And eventually I was discovered to be a model finalist in a well known Magazine in SG, the AugustMan Magazine. With my unmolded personality development on camera and photography I didn’t made it to top but I am glad to be included as one of the discovered model with Sir Romz (Romeo Regalario, Jr). 

Now supporting my family business, doing my online jobs, blogging and inspiring; it is proven that our mind is very powerful. I just think those things before and with God’s guidance and love 

I made this far and dreaming more to help more. Always believe, always care and always dream because with your hope, love and aspirations everything will be soon a reality.

Life Ends when you Stop Dreaming;
Hope Lasts when you stop Believing:
And Love Fails when you stop Caring;
So Dream, Believe, and Care…
---- Anonymous

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