Monday, January 30, 2012

Water Buffalo Nipple; An extraordinary Fruit in Puerto Galera

Have you ever tasted the Water Buffalo Nipple? In Tagalog they call it “susong kalabaw”. It is a green fruit when it is raw. Then once it became ripe, its color change to red. It tastes like a “guyabano” fruit but less syrup and fiber with smaller seed.
  Usually this fruit grows on mountain. It’s a vine but grows big like a shrub. Mostly this fruit cannot be found in the market.

In Barangay Tabinay and Dulangan Mountain, this fruit is common. You can find it usually in a rocky and grassy forest. Nobody plants it. It just sprouts and naturally bears fruit without taking care of it.

On the other hand the yellow one is the Cow’s Nipple or commonly known as “susung baka”. It has the same taste with water buffalo nipple. It is sweeter than sour.


  1. where is market can buy

    need 2 kilos

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  3. serious I in need of nipple berry soup mother used to make very very good

  4. There's no market you can buy that. But once you are in Puerto Galera, you need climb in a mountain.

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