Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scenery of Puerto Galera diving experience (Photos)

Puerto Galera as top 45 top dive spot in the world claims its beautiful scenery of underwater especially the Canyon. This is the main reason why every corner of Sabang Beach and White Beach are dive shops.

Diving is the most in demand to dos in the island which you need to go deeper and learn the basic and have the license to dive. You need to undergo trainings and safety to go into diving.

For most divers, for them it’s a relaxation and pleasure that you will see the different view of the Earth. We all know that 71% of the Earth surface is water. Tremendously, water covers up the whole world which is dominated by sea water.

Speaking of diving below are some diving shots from my diver friend and classmate, Marlon Albo.

Marlon and Nemo

Marlon and Star Fish
Marlon and Corals
I am hoping that someday, I can dive and enjoy the scenery of under water of my hometown Puerto Galera, as we call it Paradise.

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