Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dudz Account Sign Up

Today, May 27, 2012, while thinking of business strategy and looking for a nice topic to post in “Amazing Brandz”, I try to get an account to the most popular business site in the Planet, “”. 

Remember the song “Billionaire song of Bruno Mars”? He wants to be a cover of Forbes magazine. Because Forbes features a lot of wealth around the world; the most popular richest man in the world. Being a young at heart for a Filipino blogger like me, I am dreaming that someday there would be a Filipino to top the richest man in the world or it could be me. J Well may God opens up his grace and granted my prayer.

The main reason why I am attached with this site is because of an article by a young 21 woman executive, Star Hughes, on which she tried to make a difference. And with that she got it.

I would say that I got something little likeness on this story. I became IT Manager of Thrift Bank here in Philippines at the age of 28 and with my courage; I do part time jobs and do my Master in Information Systems in University of Philippines – Open University.   With that I bought 150-square-meter in nearby city of Puerto Galera which is in Batangas City. The place is near SM City Batangas which is merely costly. But looking on better investment, I bought it for future plans like commercial building or apartment.

I didn’t learn those things on my profession but on my experience in the bank. With my helping hand to develop our service and continuity of the strategy that we have, there were times I do hands on job on the operation. This made me feel great because I met a lot of business people that made me eager to pursue business.

As an IT enthusiast, my dream will be a consultancy business in line with Information Technology (IT), blogging, and a food cart business. Currently I am done with the first two and working out on the third one.

Going back to, this is the site I love to read business articles and blogs worldwide. It inspires me and boosts me on my advocacy in life. This is on how I plan and pursue my future endeavor.  

For Philippine brands and top brands you can visit

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book that inspires me now for Ten Pesos (P10) only

I found a book in National book store entitled “Buhay na Hindi Bitin”. At first glance, I stop and become curious. Buhay na di bitin or Perang di bitin?
Is it a book or a journal?
For me it is a book because the knowledge you will gain from 26-page of content is meaningful. You can apply those things in life and pursue a worry free and happiness in life, like me. You’ll generate enough income in pursuing the passion of work you are doing.

That book is written by Eduardo O. Roberto, Jr. On its cover page you will see a description of “How to live Life Content, Blessed, and Worry-Free.” While on the back page you will discover the following:

How can you live your life content, blessed and worry-free?

Many people deal with stress, big and small problems and even success and wealth – but at the end of the day, they feel bitin.

Bakit kaya? (Why?)

Paano ba magkakaroon ng buhay na hindi bitin? (How you can live an enough living?)

Scenery of Puerto Galera diving experience (Photos)

Puerto Galera as top 45 top dive spot in the world claims its beautiful scenery of underwater especially the Canyon. This is the main reason why every corner of Sabang Beach and White Beach are dive shops.

Diving is the most in demand to dos in the island which you need to go deeper and learn the basic and have the license to dive. You need to undergo trainings and safety to go into diving.

For most divers, for them it’s a relaxation and pleasure that you will see the different view of the Earth. We all know that 71% of the Earth surface is water. Tremendously, water covers up the whole world which is dominated by sea water.

Speaking of diving below are some diving shots from my diver friend and classmate, Marlon Albo.

Marlon and Nemo

Google pick up line

Google ka ba?...
"Kasi lahat alam mo na eh. Kaw na lang ang kulang sa kin."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coca-Cola Coke out of stock in SM City Batangas most of the time

Coca-Cola Coke as they celebrate their 100 years of happiness here in the Philippines really creates every Filipino table more meaningful during meals. Their ads for happiness as Caloy introduces himself give the popularity of the mentioned soda. Is the stock of Coke in supermarkets connected with its well known advertisement that catches the taste of Filipinos?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Life Expectations and Surprises Quote

Joseph Raymond Umali

Righteous Hand Quote

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
( Isaiah 41:10)