Friday, December 30, 2011

Environmental Management through Education and Responsibility

As stated in our book, “Good social theory provides the effective guidance to environmental management.” Like what Hardin related human behavior with environmental management, it focuses on human responsibility as a real human.

What caught my attention on his theory is the population growth that contributes pollution and human responsibility with the aid of education.

As simple as the common that he wants to emphasize in a pasture that is open to all. At first we cannot see any problem on this. But once greediness of man occurred we could say that the tragedy is there. Why?

At this time, we can say that there were many millionaires all over the world. Way back in old times that almost people do not have the money and all people live through barter system. As simple as that! Like what my mother said, during they teens life our grandfather will just go the seashore and then afterwards, a bucket of seafood is ready for their meal. Unlike now, there were less fish available and we experiencing price hike. Meaning the scarcity of resources occurred.

Honestly I don’t believe on the end of the world. But I believe that man will end the world if we cannot practice the right environmental management.

The tragic story of Sendong is a valid result of what human did on our environment – illegal logging and mining. That shows the greediness and irresponsible act that kill thousand of people in short period of time. Everyone shiver on that incident.

I still remember in a GMA 7 documentary on how forest and tress affect the balance of our ecosystem. A tree for just a spare of time can be cut but it takes a year before it becomes a big tree. My question is if a certain area of forestry has been denude then how long will it takes to bring it back to normal? Presumably, it takes a decade or more to make it happened.

But the main reason for someone to do the illegal act is the greediness for personal motive which is to earn a more money and be wealthy. It’s very ridiculous!

The root cause of that is the growing population. Fewer resources as time flies but bigger demand. As the population becomes denser more trees are needed for every home and most of the time sustainable management has been neglected. As Hardin stated, the more the population, pollution occurred; whether it is air, water or land.

Environmental Management as I agreed comes with the big responsibility and education. If every individual is educated on what is right or wrong, conscience not to do negative acts against environment is present. Once the conscience is present, we can attain the responsibility of being human which is to take care of what has given to us.

It’s not just on issue of environment but also being a responsible individual who takes care our Mother Nature where we get all resources we need to survive. Remember that our life is too short but human behavior affects our existence. Through education we learn. With responsibility we have the conscience to do what is good for the better environmental management. Environmental management and social theory were tools for a sustainable management. Still our action is the most important. Actions provide a lot of meaning than words. That action will be a discipline to do and act what is right that will preserve our nature for the future generation. Let us all be responsible of our doings and be educated to know what the best solution for our environmental problems and do some alternatives! Go Philippines…Go Green!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Philippine Holidays

As proclaimed by MALACA√ĎANG PALACE and signed by the Philippine President, Benigno S. Aquino III, below are the regular and special holidays for the year 2012. Kindly note that January 23, 2011 has been declared as Special Non-Working Day.

Regular Holidays

New Year’s Day
January 1 (Sunday)
Maundy Thursday
April 5
Good Friday
April 6
Araw ng Kagitingan
April 9 (Monday)

Dudz New Year's Resolution

Here's my watch list for the year 2012:

  • more matured
  • more energetic and smiling
  • more positive outlook in life
  • 5 books to read (will be inserted for a busy days of work and studies)
  • more responsible man
  • another child for world vision
  • a place for my mother
  • healthy living
  • healthy relationship
  • more enjoyable life to live
  • do extra ordinary things...
 Hope with this, still I can inspire everyone! Have a Prosperous 2012 to all!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Pinoy Big Brother in Real Life

The entire scene on the first time Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited was aired I didn’t realize the real learning we can get from this reality television show of ABS-CBN. PBB is a real life situation of many Filipinos.

I just discovered one time, while kneeling and praying, I ask God to make my life worth staying here on Earth and give me more time to live so that I can continue inspiring and helping other people as I grow.

And then, shortly, it comes into my mind that most of the housemate in Big Brother House during nomination asking Big Bro for the extension of stay to learn more about them and their housemates.

Like in our day to day living, there were also ups and downs. We continue cultivating on what God is giving to us. We grow and we enjoy our life.

Sometimes failure and troubles come no matter how secured you are. It is part of being human. There is always an examination in our life…our strength is always tested no matter how stable we are. Believe in yourself! If you want others believe in you, you must believe on yourself first.

Life is a battlefield, be strong, have some courage and later on success will follow. May this New Year comes real happiness for everyone!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Starting Blog is not easy!

November 2011 when I started blogging which I could say is not easy.

Looking and thinking on the topic I will write makes me more persevere to think and post it via web. There were times the I can’t see or watch any trending topics in news trendz. I get rattle when my viewers are just twenty (20). I felt that my mind is empty and I don’t have seen any meaning on what I am doing.

That nervousness gives me the break now. My first blog has been posted to which gives me more drive to pursue my masters and do the best that I can in my current job as a Head in IT from one of the thrift banks here in the Philippines.

Aside from that, I am current a sponsor of World Vision Philippines. Every time I have a letter from my them, my heart beats fast. Meaning it is one of my source of strength of inspiration on what I am doing. On a very young age, I enjoy life and share it with others.

Go back to the title, having and doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) really keeps your blog on the top. At first you don’t have readers but as long as you maintain your rapport in writing and doing something good thru text and message to your reader they will always go back and read. Then later, you’ll notice that referrals from other people are greater and getting bigger.
For those people who love photography, sketching, writing, and inspiring then blogging is the right path for you! Merry Christmas and have a prosperous New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Best Christmas Song

Upon opening my email, I read this email from World Vision Philippines.

Maligayang Pasko!

As you cheerfully meet and celebrate Christmas, may you allow us to honor and thank you
for being faithfully involved in continuing the work that Jesus started.

Thank you- though it may never be enough- for your tangible demonstration of God’s love for the poor, especially for the most vulnerable children.
This year, you have helped more than 35,000 children in 14 World Vision-assisted communities nationwide. Your sponsorship also continues to build healthier, safer and more sustainable communities for them.And since last week, we have been deeply blessed with your very encouraging support to our Noche Buena campaign for the kids and their families. As of today, more than 9,800 kids are already assured to receive their much-awaited Noche Buena gifts this Christmas. 

Where we see you and other fellow sponsors put the needs of children first, we are privileged to see the love of God at work. Indeed, every child you help is a refracted glimpse of the Christmas story, a nativity whose truth we uphold when our lives reflect his glory. 
May this Christmas deeply fill your heart with the things that God so lavishly desire to bless us with that He gave Jesus, His one and only son.   

To take you back to the very heart of Christmas, please take time to watch our Christmas tribute music video performed by 13-year old sponsored child Alexis Opinion and former sponsored child, now World Vision staff, Richard Supat. 

This is especially for you and all Filipino child sponsors in the world.
Kindly click the link below: 

Wishing you true joy this Christmas,
Elnora Bailen-Avarientos 

I am so touched with this line which touches my spirit, body and mind realizing on how great we are.

We are the reason that He gave his life
We are the reason that He suffered and die
To a World that was lost
He gave all he could give
To Show as the reason to live

Hope you enjoy also this song and you share your goodness and blessings!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Working While Studying

Sacrifice! That’s one word the always made inspired daily while having heavy schedule of meetings, technical reports, assignments deadline, exams and so on while working in bank and studying through University of Philippines Open University.

Repetitive task is piling so I used an automated system but any abrupt task is coming so I need to adjust everything.

Burn out and depression sometimes comes out but I always make it sure to overcome all those things through bible reading and looking on some inspirational quote in my room.

There were times that I want to raise my hand and surrender all the burdens. But if I will do that all I can do is just stop and didn’t pursue my dreams and my sponsor child dreams.

 I know that all of us dream for a brighter future. Have you tried one time asking God what is my purpose of Living? Or have you tried to ask why everyone wants to be well off despite the fact that everyone of us will die?

Those are my sentiments during my peak processing time. This would be the hardest part of my life which later I will win on this battle. I know the word sacrifice has a meaning for everything but still a young mind like me is looking for a fun working and learning. No more “gimik”, no more other story, and no more idle time. But the most important is time for yourself and time for a more productive of being a human.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What is Life for You?

I was born year of the dog with a ruling planet of Sun in a mountain of Puerto Galera. Though I could say that I am a normal human being who ate three times a day with a television and a happy family, there were times that I have lots of questions in my mind that need some answers.

For me to survive is to expound the gift of God whether it is on physical, mental, spiritual, or social. The most important gift I ever have from him is the wisdom and determination.

There were many people says, “You are so lucky because you have the material and chance to study college.” But they didn’t know who I am. They even didn’t know some of sacrifices I did before I land on this position and have what I have now.

Sometimes we just look on what others have. But if we will just examine ourselves we can see that we have what God has been given to us. Earth has been created with all the resources of human. And being human we have been given those resources to take good care and to develop it. So having the chance for life make it sure to spend it wisely every minute and every hour!

As a child you cannot see the timeless evolving while you are staying here. But once you grow old you’ll realize how important time is. Sometimes I am rattling because I do not have enough time to do the task that has been given to me. It’s the same with life, we need to plan, and owe every minute of our existence from our Creator.

I Got My Inspiration

For about three days ago, I had this feeling of loneliness. I got this feeling of I was alone and nobody wants to talk to me. So what I did is I just post it to my Facebook, that I need an inspiration. Though at first I feel that my girlfriend seems to be cold this time, still I am hoping I can cope up with this feeling. Thanks to all my friends and supporters for the approach and encouragement. Though there were times that JS didn’t have the time to text me and message me, I know for about a month ago, we can meet and shared our relationship.

This time, it so happened that my body felt good with my colleagues and other co-workers! I can say my inspiration is getting warmer and hotter. It seems that my happy face and sense of humor is getting higher.

Then another thing happened, one of my friends approached me and give me an inspiring message from It is all about “11 Things to Know at 25(ish). It’s actually refreshing and inspirational but all I want is her at this time. Hope in some profound way of my existence this will overcome the soonest as I thoroughly read the whole story of “Breaking Dawn”. Today I can say that “I got my Inspiration”.

Spain Embassy Legalization of Documents

As part of additional info on processing documents, here's the procedure I got on how to process my sister's document to legalize her Birth Certificate and NBI Clearance.

  •  Secure appointment from Spain Embassy. Embassy will give the specific date you can transact on them.They will give also the reference number and id for monitoring purposes.
  • You'll pay Php 32.00 per minute for the call.It would be advisable to use post paid line or land line to ask for an appointment.
  •  Fees will be 400.00 per document.
  • Office will be available 9 am to 5 pm, Modays to Saturdays.
  • When reporting to them, do not bring bags. Just bring all the necessary documents.

DFA Authentication / Red Ribbon Processing

I got a big dilemma when my sister told me to process authentication and red ribbon of her documents in Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) this year. So what I did is to ask DFA Consular on this issue. Here is the info I got:

  • There’s no need to get appointment
  • They located on the Old DFA Building
Authentication Division,
Office of Consular Affairs,
Department of Foreign Affairs
South wing Lobby, 2330 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City, Metro Manila
Tel. No. 834-4000       

  • Authentication fee: P100.00 per document
  • Processing period: Five (5) working days
  • Courier: DHL plus courier fee

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coffee Addict

When I was a child, my favorite drink is milk. My day is not complete if I can't drink a glass of milk. That's the main reason why I am tall I think. It makes me more energetic and feel ambitious with the calcium and fat on it.

But years passed by, that child has been grown up and face the challenge of life. My taste buds have been changed into a more sophisticated element of drink, coffee.

I would say, I am a coffee addict. My life is incomplete if I didn't drink at least three cups of coffee a day. Maybe because I work as an IT in a bank where toxic and pressures where there. It makes me more a live and makes me think continuously.

I considered that as my vitamins. The aroma...the hotness.... and the feeling of satisfaction when I sipped it. All I can say is, it make my life complete.