Sunday, February 19, 2012

Act in a Positive Way for our Environment Rehabilitation

Though I would say there were many Non-government agencies much focus on the awareness for sustainable development of our environment. Philippine government has its own unit focusing on rehabilitation of our environment – Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). 

The mere question is are they doing something or are they aware of the climate change? Or like other crimes and incidents that as long as the story is fresh they focus on it. But once the story is inactive less focus has been given.

Flood, landslide, earthquake, and a lot of more happened that kills thousands of individuals and even innocent one. How tragic it is! Legal versus illegal…good versus evil...I don’t know if people really know it or they just focus on the greediness of mind and money. All they want is a temporary wealth that can be stolen and vanish easily. They didn’t think of the future of their children…the future of today’s youth.
This is a long battle to combat. But I am so glad that technology plays an increasingly role in a green environment like go for green movements. A paperless technology that allows all files to be stored in storage media. An email that asking you to think first before you print that saves paper… that saves a tree! Moreover, IPAD, Laptops, e-book reader and other gadgets provide an application that let you store files and notes without using a scratch pad. Statement of accounts in digital formats and a lot of more…great mind and invention indeed!

But the real scenario doesn’t stop on it. The massive illegal logging and mining really threatens our environment. Moreover, I have found a place in Southern Luzon where the mountain has been converted to manufacturing site. This is an example of a distraction on our environment. First and foremost you cannot rehabilitate the area anymore. Since the conversion is huge we can say it is a total destruction.

Another factor is the air pollution which I studied this subject even when I was a kid and until now no action from our government. Oh God help us!

To summarize this greediness for many people are the root cause on it. Though they have said that growth and development comes with the problems and destructions of environment. But this will affect imbalance of our natural resources. Remember a body that is incomplete cannot functions well. It’s like our environment.

For me, though our government plays a big role on this; still we must do something on it. Little by little as it becomes bigger, we can make a difference. Grief for the future generation should be feel always! All of us are getting older but our future clans will sprout more and more. If our government didn’t know on how to act, all of us must be responsible and act for a better change.

First is discipline. We must have it in a simple way. Throwing of our trash in a right way and do some recycle will do. Next conserve energy. Let say you have lots of money but it doesn’t really mean you will consume a lot of water and electricity. A BIG NO! You need to conserve everything. Last is being responsible HUMAN. A responsible human knows on how to control and think what is good for him/her and to others.  He/She must know the right amount of resources to consume. If we will just maintain enough resources to consume and creating on how to maximize the resources for the growth then there would be no worries at all.

Crying, doing panic acts, and shouting cannot save us during catastrophic incidents. This is not the issue. Yes we have mercy on them especially the innocent one but blaming is an immature act. Believing and creating a big difference in this world is the main task of everybody. Let us all help with each other and act boldly. Still hope lies on our hands. If other can’t…then we can…act now and be responsible!

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