Sunday, February 19, 2012

Puerto Galera: a Diving Spot to experience

A lot of people ask me what is the best thing we can do in your province? Well as far as I know lots of diving shops around and as far as I know there’s a diver who reached the deepest sea water Dive. Let me check first.
Here I go, according to, The deepest scuba duve was one of 1,010 ft. (307.8 m) made by John Bennett (UK) on November 6th, 2001 of Escarcia Point, Puerto Galera, The Philippines. The descent, aided by a weighted sled took just over 12 minutes. The ascent, however, took 9 hr. 36 min. to allow for decompression, and Bennett needed 60 oxygen tanks. At the bottom of the dive he lost his vision and experienced muscle spasams. THe highest pressure on his body was 480 lb/in2 (3,309 kPa). This really makes great your ultimate stay in an Island. Moreover, recently one of my friend in FB posted a whale shark he found there. Magna Nilsen found a friendly whale while diving. According to his Facebook post, Marco Heft from Blue Ribbon in Puerto Galera spotted a 8m Bryde's Whale in Manila Channel! We found a photo of a Bryde's Whale to share with you. Looking for other verification sightings in the area, anyone else spotted the whale there?

Diving is one thing you shouldn’t miss while having your vacation in Puerto Galera. You need explore more the beauty and appreciate the nature.

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