Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not So Good Experience in Chowking

 It is my third time to experience an embarrassment for the services offered by Chowking. It is what my friend in Singapore telling me that mostly, it was franchisee that compromised the quality of service they are offering.

When I ordered in Chowking SM Batangas City, the cashier didn’t smile and showed unapproachable. She didn’t look on my eyes and I think she is mad mood that time. Then find while looking for the table to enjoy my lunch, I am so dismayed that there were tables that are messy. What I did is I just put it on the other table. Then I have seen also that there is an old woman wiping their table using a tissue. As you see on the photo, there’s an only one crew that time doing the cleaning of the area.

My first bad encountered with this fast food is in Calapan City. Their drinks were so late to serve.  Actually I am done with the food, but it was late when they served the drinks. Then the other one is in LRT Buendia, wherein the floor is messy with wet black dust.

Upon studying and looking on the situation, if it is on the employee problem; well if that employee is unhappy of what she is doing then it would be better to resign rather than having a miserable life doing the job you didn’t want. On the side of superior (supervisor or manager), it is their responsibility to maintain the quality of service they are offering in Chowking. Negligence on cleanliness, supervision, and motivation are not a scapegoat of not doing the right thing for the customer.

I did not write this article to give a bad feedback on Chowking itself, but an improvement that needs to improve by the Management. Maybe I am not the one who experienced those things but with this, it is an opening to them to conduct a regular visit and inspections on their franchisee.

Quality of Service (QoS) is one thing that should always observed not only by Chowking but all establishments that offer services.

Though not all branches were having the same services mentioned above, still I will not stop eating in ChowKing because I still love lauriat, siopao, halo-halo, and black gulaman. And I always remember their tagline, “Dito kumakain ang masarap kumain”.

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