Thursday, March 29, 2012

Showtime Promotes Philippine Products and Places

More than just a show but all I can say is Showtime is more than just fun and entertainment but also a mere promotion of Philippine Provinces, places, delicacies, products, and of course talents.

At first they have started of what they called “Gusto mo bang magpasikat or gusto mong sumikat?” It is more than just a show but it is a real show…with real people…with friendly people…with great hosts… with great audiences (“madlang people”)…with a superb twist of entertainment.

Now that they introduced the inter town competition, it is not only on the competition side but a mere collaboration of impact and ideas in providing real entertainment and also the unity of the community and their leaders in show casing their real support for people and real skills and talents.

Without any bias with the host I am really addicted to Anne Curtis also. She’s very flexible and natural with her elegant movements and own style of hosting. 

Moreover Vhong Navarro creates impact on his abrupt comments and adlibs…this is one of the “haveys” factor. Correct me if I am wrong!

Billy and Karylle though they are not included on the original group completes the whole set. As a singer Karylle transformed to an effective host of the show. While Billy shows his versatility on his performace.

Even the senior citizen participation of Kuya Kim (joke)! Some of his corny comments make the crowd more exciting; adding his natural trivia and his warm and different collaboration with group that adds the amazing coolness of the program.

I also admire the tandem of Jugs and Teddy. The totality of music and rock ‘n roll connection to the audience, gives a fantastic performance.

On the other side of performance Jhong Hilario as the “Sample King” really gives the dance impact to the group. In addition he has a witty mind on dance comment most of the time. 

But the secret ingredient of the show will not be completed without the main host and entertainer, no other than “Vice Ganda”.  He has the unending wit to create new ideas, comments, jokes, and lots of attacks. I don’t know where he gets those ideas or maybe as what he said, “The reason why is gay is because he has just one heart to love the only girl of his life, his mother”. His endless sense of humor only shows an endless Showtime that will always give inspirations, good acts, best talents, and a totality of the variety of the show. (Sorry Vice I need to use “HE”, hehehe).

With the great impact to your show including the directors, staff and management, a five star to all of you!

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