Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Employee demand: Salary hike?

I was inspired by this cartoon sketch. Why salary doesn’t grow on which most of the human basic needs increased?

Let’s take a look on our current situation. Mostly graduate students are looking for a secured job for their day to day consumption. I think, a normal Filipino or individual even overseas, they just prefer to work rather that building their own business to earn.

An employee earns a regular salary rate base on his competence and skill sets. But if you have unique skills such as Information Technology (IT), Instrumentation Engineering, Welder, and the likes probably there’s a chance for you to soar high and have a better rate than an ordinary employee at this moment. We are talking with the global market and not just for Philippines alone.

The main reason why an employee stuck up with in it is the incapacity to do extraordinary things which an employer is looking at. Because solely on his own, just want to be plain and be on the box of his work without thinking outside of that box.

Why salary is stagnant? This is because of the limit on economic growth of a certain country. It is a mere battle of many company unions at this time. The fight for salary increase, the petition for salary hike and so on. But since, companies always hit the target income annually; they are also controlling the financial stability that affects decision on salary adjustments of a certain company. If the company is reputable and maintain the pro people, they gave a better salary.

But since it is a global scenario, every Juan dela Cruz must pave the way to success through extraordinary act to be a great individual…to have a higher salary.

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