Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Tetris Experience: A Brick Game Enjoyment

Do you remember the time you were playing “brick game”?

That was the time when game boy, ipad, personal computer, psp, and trending gadgets are not yet available. Not only kids but also adults get addicted on it. It was 80s then when even I got to close my room door and focus on my levels. The higher the better…the more it becomes challenging!

 Now it’s no longer brick game that makes everyone addicted. It is the facebook game, “Tetris Battle”. If you didn’t played that game, well you are not in!

Tetris has a great similarity with “Brick Game”. As the game says, it’s a game with different bricks style. Unlike Tetris you need to defend yourself against your opponent. You need to knock out and hit the brick to win.

Now that it hits the massive players in Facebook, lots of video battle has been posted. So if you haven’t tried, now is your time to try playing this game! Just search Tetris on facebook, then let the battle begin!


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