Monday, January 9, 2012

“It’s more fun in the Philippines", an extraordinary Philippines!

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DOT campaign (“It’s more fun in the Philippines) hits worldwide awareness

When Department of Tourism (DOT) campaign launched its slogan “It’s more fun in Philippines”, hits the social networking sites and become trending worldwide. Positive and negative speculations have been cited by every Filipino and individual. Everyone has their own opinion on this.

What matter on this is side by side, the slogan became popular discussions on television, radio, magazine, news paper, internet, and other publications. The campaign becomes viral. This means that the ad intensifies an eye catchy and attention pronounce on its veracity.

Different sites, different people, different region, and different opinion wakes up on its slumbering mind of Filipinos. It was a controversy when “Kayganda ng Pilipinas” has been launch before. “Punto por Punto” of Anthony Taberna keeps me write this article. He mentioned this line, “is it more fun in the Philippines or is it funny?”

Well on my side, any slogan is useless if we will just be true on our country. Though promotion is good to make more tourists and more income, still there’s a need to improve in our country.

A while ago meeting with my former boss working in Singapore, he mentioned that there were times that promos were introduce by different agencies in SG and he noticed that there is no representative from the Philippines. Are we ban or we are just not aware on it?

Our country is the best place for me; the boracay sand, the smiling people, the cultural heritage, the bay in Puerto Galera, the Palawan underground river, the brilliant mind and talented people and a lot of more. Actually there is no need to compare with other country. We have many things to be proud of and have fun in our country but still we cannot hide other speculations that even you or I cannot deny it.

My friend shares a simple joke to me. She said there’s a wonderful robot that determines a robber where anywhere in the word this robot can detect. But when it brings here in the Philippines that robot was robbed.

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Though the joke is funny but it really pinches my heart because I am a Filipino. I am proud of our country. All we have to do is make a better change on it “A better Philippines to Travel”. We can make this country secured, less pollution, less traffic and less negative allegation if all of us will wake and do extraordinary change.

An extraordinary Philippines care for people, care for development, and care for environment. Let us support more fun in the Philippines and respect the ad for a better Philipines.

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