Sunday, January 8, 2012

Media Noche Preparation

It was 31st of December when I was tasked to buy food for our media noche. Our home is far from the city. There were two municipalities before we reach the capital of Oriental Mindoro Calapan.

With me is my brother, nephew, niece, and my sister in law. It was about one and a half hour before reach Jollibee – Calapan. A short breakfast with my chicken sausage breakfast and of course my favorite brewed coffee.

Here in the Philippines, media noche is a mere tradition to make a New Year bountiful and meaningful. On my list I have, prawns, crabs, chicken, twelve different of fruits, and fireworks.

Since I am expecting a crowded place, I tried to find a meat stall very far from the main entrance. But maybe I will be lucky this year, every time I went to the stall there were more and more people coming, that is why a lot of sweat flows on my head. The most exciting part is when Governor PA Umali tapped by shoulder and greeted me “Happy New Year”. I was shocked at first since, I didn’t know him well, and it’s the vendor who told me that he is our governor. Without hesitating, I pull out my phone and ask the vendor to take a photo with him. I was lucky then when he decided to buy fruits on that stand and people as usual go there to buy their twelve fruits for their mess hall.

After that we went to Robinson Mall and buy some merchandize and eat in an Italian restaurant as we crave of pizza. As we end shopping, we return to our home to cook and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

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