Friday, December 30, 2011

Environmental Management through Education and Responsibility

As stated in our book, “Good social theory provides the effective guidance to environmental management.” Like what Hardin related human behavior with environmental management, it focuses on human responsibility as a real human.

What caught my attention on his theory is the population growth that contributes pollution and human responsibility with the aid of education.

As simple as the common that he wants to emphasize in a pasture that is open to all. At first we cannot see any problem on this. But once greediness of man occurred we could say that the tragedy is there. Why?

At this time, we can say that there were many millionaires all over the world. Way back in old times that almost people do not have the money and all people live through barter system. As simple as that! Like what my mother said, during they teens life our grandfather will just go the seashore and then afterwards, a bucket of seafood is ready for their meal. Unlike now, there were less fish available and we experiencing price hike. Meaning the scarcity of resources occurred.

Honestly I don’t believe on the end of the world. But I believe that man will end the world if we cannot practice the right environmental management.

The tragic story of Sendong is a valid result of what human did on our environment – illegal logging and mining. That shows the greediness and irresponsible act that kill thousand of people in short period of time. Everyone shiver on that incident.

I still remember in a GMA 7 documentary on how forest and tress affect the balance of our ecosystem. A tree for just a spare of time can be cut but it takes a year before it becomes a big tree. My question is if a certain area of forestry has been denude then how long will it takes to bring it back to normal? Presumably, it takes a decade or more to make it happened.

But the main reason for someone to do the illegal act is the greediness for personal motive which is to earn a more money and be wealthy. It’s very ridiculous!

The root cause of that is the growing population. Fewer resources as time flies but bigger demand. As the population becomes denser more trees are needed for every home and most of the time sustainable management has been neglected. As Hardin stated, the more the population, pollution occurred; whether it is air, water or land.

Environmental Management as I agreed comes with the big responsibility and education. If every individual is educated on what is right or wrong, conscience not to do negative acts against environment is present. Once the conscience is present, we can attain the responsibility of being human which is to take care of what has given to us.

It’s not just on issue of environment but also being a responsible individual who takes care our Mother Nature where we get all resources we need to survive. Remember that our life is too short but human behavior affects our existence. Through education we learn. With responsibility we have the conscience to do what is good for the better environmental management. Environmental management and social theory were tools for a sustainable management. Still our action is the most important. Actions provide a lot of meaning than words. That action will be a discipline to do and act what is right that will preserve our nature for the future generation. Let us all be responsible of our doings and be educated to know what the best solution for our environmental problems and do some alternatives! Go Philippines…Go Green!

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