Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coffee Addict

When I was a child, my favorite drink is milk. My day is not complete if I can't drink a glass of milk. That's the main reason why I am tall I think. It makes me more energetic and feel ambitious with the calcium and fat on it.

But years passed by, that child has been grown up and face the challenge of life. My taste buds have been changed into a more sophisticated element of drink, coffee.

I would say, I am a coffee addict. My life is incomplete if I didn't drink at least three cups of coffee a day. Maybe because I work as an IT in a bank where toxic and pressures where there. It makes me more a live and makes me think continuously.

I considered that as my vitamins. The aroma...the hotness.... and the feeling of satisfaction when I sipped it. All I can say is, it make my life complete.

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