Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Got My Inspiration

For about three days ago, I had this feeling of loneliness. I got this feeling of I was alone and nobody wants to talk to me. So what I did is I just post it to my Facebook, that I need an inspiration. Though at first I feel that my girlfriend seems to be cold this time, still I am hoping I can cope up with this feeling. Thanks to all my friends and supporters for the approach and encouragement. Though there were times that JS didn’t have the time to text me and message me, I know for about a month ago, we can meet and shared our relationship.

This time, it so happened that my body felt good with my colleagues and other co-workers! I can say my inspiration is getting warmer and hotter. It seems that my happy face and sense of humor is getting higher.

Then another thing happened, one of my friends approached me and give me an inspiring message from It is all about “11 Things to Know at 25(ish). It’s actually refreshing and inspirational but all I want is her at this time. Hope in some profound way of my existence this will overcome the soonest as I thoroughly read the whole story of “Breaking Dawn”. Today I can say that “I got my Inspiration”.

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