Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What is Life for You?

I was born year of the dog with a ruling planet of Sun in a mountain of Puerto Galera. Though I could say that I am a normal human being who ate three times a day with a television and a happy family, there were times that I have lots of questions in my mind that need some answers.

For me to survive is to expound the gift of God whether it is on physical, mental, spiritual, or social. The most important gift I ever have from him is the wisdom and determination.

There were many people says, “You are so lucky because you have the material and chance to study college.” But they didn’t know who I am. They even didn’t know some of sacrifices I did before I land on this position and have what I have now.

Sometimes we just look on what others have. But if we will just examine ourselves we can see that we have what God has been given to us. Earth has been created with all the resources of human. And being human we have been given those resources to take good care and to develop it. So having the chance for life make it sure to spend it wisely every minute and every hour!

As a child you cannot see the timeless evolving while you are staying here. But once you grow old you’ll realize how important time is. Sometimes I am rattling because I do not have enough time to do the task that has been given to me. It’s the same with life, we need to plan, and owe every minute of our existence from our Creator.

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