Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Working While Studying

Sacrifice! That’s one word the always made inspired daily while having heavy schedule of meetings, technical reports, assignments deadline, exams and so on while working in bank and studying through University of Philippines Open University.

Repetitive task is piling so I used an automated system but any abrupt task is coming so I need to adjust everything.

Burn out and depression sometimes comes out but I always make it sure to overcome all those things through bible reading and looking on some inspirational quote in my room.

There were times that I want to raise my hand and surrender all the burdens. But if I will do that all I can do is just stop and didn’t pursue my dreams and my sponsor child dreams.

 I know that all of us dream for a brighter future. Have you tried one time asking God what is my purpose of Living? Or have you tried to ask why everyone wants to be well off despite the fact that everyone of us will die?

Those are my sentiments during my peak processing time. This would be the hardest part of my life which later I will win on this battle. I know the word sacrifice has a meaning for everything but still a young mind like me is looking for a fun working and learning. No more “gimik”, no more other story, and no more idle time. But the most important is time for yourself and time for a more productive of being a human.

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