Sunday, December 25, 2011

Starting Blog is not easy!

November 2011 when I started blogging which I could say is not easy.

Looking and thinking on the topic I will write makes me more persevere to think and post it via web. There were times the I can’t see or watch any trending topics in news trendz. I get rattle when my viewers are just twenty (20). I felt that my mind is empty and I don’t have seen any meaning on what I am doing.

That nervousness gives me the break now. My first blog has been posted to which gives me more drive to pursue my masters and do the best that I can in my current job as a Head in IT from one of the thrift banks here in the Philippines.

Aside from that, I am current a sponsor of World Vision Philippines. Every time I have a letter from my them, my heart beats fast. Meaning it is one of my source of strength of inspiration on what I am doing. On a very young age, I enjoy life and share it with others.

Go back to the title, having and doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) really keeps your blog on the top. At first you don’t have readers but as long as you maintain your rapport in writing and doing something good thru text and message to your reader they will always go back and read. Then later, you’ll notice that referrals from other people are greater and getting bigger.
For those people who love photography, sketching, writing, and inspiring then blogging is the right path for you! Merry Christmas and have a prosperous New Year everyone!

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