Monday, December 26, 2011

Pinoy Big Brother in Real Life

The entire scene on the first time Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited was aired I didn’t realize the real learning we can get from this reality television show of ABS-CBN. PBB is a real life situation of many Filipinos.

I just discovered one time, while kneeling and praying, I ask God to make my life worth staying here on Earth and give me more time to live so that I can continue inspiring and helping other people as I grow.

And then, shortly, it comes into my mind that most of the housemate in Big Brother House during nomination asking Big Bro for the extension of stay to learn more about them and their housemates.

Like in our day to day living, there were also ups and downs. We continue cultivating on what God is giving to us. We grow and we enjoy our life.

Sometimes failure and troubles come no matter how secured you are. It is part of being human. There is always an examination in our life…our strength is always tested no matter how stable we are. Believe in yourself! If you want others believe in you, you must believe on yourself first.

Life is a battlefield, be strong, have some courage and later on success will follow. May this New Year comes real happiness for everyone!

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